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The manufacturing of cylinders is only out of the relevant EU requirements (pipes, rods, seals).

For the production of hydraulic cylinders used European pipe producers with treated inner surface of the seamless cold drawn tube, honed or polished rollers according to ISO H8, steel St 52, St 52.3, St E 460.

Housing, stocks, etc. for the hydraulic cylinders are processed on CNC machines or machining centers made in Germany and Italy. Suppliers of material — Sweden, Holland, Italy.

The rod is solid metal and chrome plated, Ck 45 steel St 52.3, 20MnV6, CkMo4 DIN17200. The chrome layer thickness of 20 – 40 µm depending on diameter.

Grandluxe and pistons are manufactured on high precision CNC machines with active control of dimensions.

The eyelets can be of different types of structures with a different method of fastening, as self-manufactured and made in Europe.

Seal kits, wipers, support – guide rings made of polyurethane, rubber, Teflon or thermoplastic resin. Working medium: mineral oil or oil – in-water emulsion, withstands pressure up to 400-600 MPa, a linear velocity of 15 m/s, temperature range from -60 to +250 ° C. Possible special solutions of sealing systems for cylinders in heavy service conditions. Manufacturers seals — Simrit, Busak + Shamban Guarnytec.

Welding is performed with welding robots, ensuring all parameters of the weld and exclude the negative influence of human factor.

Assembly and quality control of hydraulic cylinders is done on special stands.

Quality warranty is ensured by high-precision processing of casings and rods, the latest technology chromium plating of the rods that increase the hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance in 2 – 2,5 times. Machine with our cylinders work in the near and far abroad, in Swedish, Finnish, Latvian and Belarusian forestry manipulators, building machines, work in the fields of agricultural equipment, widely used in municipal vehicles. The cylinders tested on drilling rigs, equipment for repair of oil and gas installations in the harsh environments of use, such as harvesters for potash production.

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