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„METEKA“ produces serial hydraulic cylinders with a piston diameter of 30mm to 200mm and stroke up to 4000mm. They are one-sided, double-acting piston hydraulic cylinder, plunger, telescopic hydraulic cylinders, cylinders with the stroke end of braking, on one side and both. Also, the hydraulic cylinder locks that are reliable for fixation used in the course, such as the manipulator. It is also available the inner lock installation, what means hydraulic lock is fitted to the hydraulic cylinder "in the body". Company „METEKA“ is able to supply hydraulic cylinders with different cylinder mounting methods and it is also possible to supply complete hydraulic cylinders with fittings.

Working with us you get:

• Professional advice and a selection of the necessary hydraulics;

• Samples supply for industrial test;

• A wide range of hydraulic cylinders;

• Individual approach to each client;

• The optimal price level.

The main activity of the company is aimed at the professional selection of the necessary hydraulic equipment and the organization of the supply to the plants. The supplied hydraulic equipment corresponds to the high level of reliability, safety and durability. Due to deep knowledge of the domestic market the company is able to offer solutions that are the most relevant and effective.

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